Organizing and Decluttering Services with Fern McGahey

"Arrange your life simply - doing so will simplify the mind as well"

-Shunmyo Masuno-

Living in today’s world, we place great value on our environment therefore we constantly strive to improve the spaces we experience. You desire to feel safe, happy and love for your home. Organizing and decluttering services can help you remove what is no longer of use and cherish special items giving you a calm, beautiful space to live in. This is accomplished in a way that is respectful of your personal preferences.

My Purpose...

Photo of Fern McGahey, founder of Calm the Clutter

Hi, my name is Fern and I am a professional home organizer. I like to call myself a Home Simplifier as that is the essence of my service: to simplify and calm the home so that we can live happy lives!


As a South African expat living in Dubai for over 12 years I know how important our homes are to us. I grew up on a farm in the winelands of Stellenbosch which taught me to appreciate the simple, beautiful things in life. Living next to the mountains, the ocean and surrounded by nature has kept me grounded. Initially I studied interior design and then followed a teaching career supporting students with special needs. Therefore I have extensive experience organizing and decluttering childrens’ environments and creating attractive spaces. 


As a woman, mother and home maker, I understand the value in having a home that works for you. A calm space leads to a peaceful state of mind, enabling us to handle challenges more productively and love our homes. Whether you need general organizing and decluttering services, help moving house, organizing photos or allocating storage we can implement systems that work for you. am 

The Benefits

calm living room with candles and flowers


Calm spaces bring a sense of peace as everything has a place of belonging.

organised laundry room with baskets


Systems reduce frustrations, you can find items quickly, keeping spaces clutter-free.

Decluttered modern kitchen


Living simply reduces stress as you are surrounded by the items you cherish.

The Process

3 Simple Steps to Organizing and Decluttering Services

Step 1 – Consult and Share

Describe the space you need organizing and decluttering services for. Include photos or videos if you like.  During your free 30 minute consultation explain what is bothering you and your desired outcome.  This can be done virtually or on-site.

Step 2 -Plan and Implement

A plan is developed and implemented simplifying, organizing and decluttering your home to suit your needs. We declutter the identified area working together with you, sort items into categories and then allocate spaces and storage. Included is assisted purchasing of storage systems. Prices are calculated on the number of hours that are required to complete the project with a rate of AED350/hour.

Step 3 – Maintain and Enjoy!

Finally it’s time to enjoy your new calm, simplified space! We will look at how to maintain the space in a clutter-free way along with a follow-up call to make any adjustments if needed. Additional services include assisted purchasing of home decor accessories, feature wall painting and training of housekeepers.

Steps of organising and decluttering

Happy Stories

"My cleaning cupboard was such a place of chaos. I thought I would have to get rid of a load of things. However, Fern sorted all the items so smartly, I only had to throw a few empty bottles out. My cleaners can find all the items immediately. All baskets are clearly labelled keeping items in the right place. Fern completed the project in the estimated time with a clear system of organizing and decluttering. Best of all, it is still tidy after a month!"
Springs, Dubai
"Fern listened to me carefully during the consultation and transformed my closet into a place that is functional and clutter free. Moveable shelving and storage boxes really help to keep all items sorted. I can now find everything really quickly. It is amazing how new hangers can make my clothes look so good too. Fern also decluttered and organized my garage, creating practical zones for all the items. I can now actually park my car in it!"
Jumeirah Park, Dubai
""I had to leave Dubai after living here for 18 years. I had no idea how I would sort through all my belongings, especially with so many sentimental items. Fern helped me figure out what to keep and what to donate or give away. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders after the decluttering process! I was able to pack and move my belongings, confident for the move to the new house in the UK. I highly recommend her services."
Jumeirah, Dubai
"My kitchen was my problem area. I have so many items as I love cooking and baking. Living in a small villa, I was constantly frustrated with my busy countertops. After a full day of organizing and decluttering services, my kitchen items were neatly labelled, easy to find and in really sensible places. As an add-on service, Fern painted an accent wall in the kitchen, creating a colourful display area for recipe books and some sentimental items."
Townsquare, Dubai


Contact Us

Please complete the message request below or email me at or whatsapp 055 884 9437. You can also find me on these social media channels.

Ts & Cs and Pricing

I am a verified member of APDO, the UK’s membership association for decluttering and organising professionals. APDO sets standards, provides professional development and supports the growth of the industry.